Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Body slam the blues and get your sleep on

Attempting to body slam the blues and get back into the groove of writing. So much so that I have signed up for a class this Saturday called "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Writing Life." Its sounds a little woo-woo but I am going to check it out. The instructor is a hypnotherapist so maybe she can zap me into trance and suggest firmly that I need to get off my lazy Lizz and start churning out the work more. The class is at SD Writers, Ink..

Speaking of trance, I need to dip into the best book I've read all year again, The Head Trip: Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness by Jeff Warren. I actually listened to this book on my ipod while working. It was so good that I went out and bought it, read it, emailed the author (a horrible habit I have to break) and have been gushing about the book ever since. I am a brainiac and this book feeds my need to know all about random things that I could have gone through life without knowing. But now that I know, I am completely enthralled. The book is about the author's fascination with consciousness. Not the woo-woo dolphin worshipping type of consciousness but actual states that we humans go through either daily or at different points in our lives. The chapter on hypnagogia, the quasi-dreamlike state right before we fall asleep is my favorite. Apparently the hypnagogic state allows us to reassess our day and to solve problems while not fully awake. We enter sleep paralysis. According to the author " The hypnagogic, it turns out, is the ultimate paradigm-busting too. As your brain slips into an associative, impressionistic state, it is no longer bound by conventional wisdom. Saucy ideas -- impossible within a certain rational framework -- clamor for attention. Images become metaphors for concepts and suddenly everyone is a poet." The author has a cool website for his book. His writing is at times laugh out loud witty. The subject matter could have easily been driven into the ground and dry but Warren managed to keep my interest the entire time I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future. Though, I am bummed for him (or maybe it is a good thing) that his name is Jeff Warren. When I googled him I ended up getting a lot of hits for Warren Jeffs. I wonder if anyone contacts Warren Jeffs to gush about his projects.

I have no idea what Caetano Veloso is really saying but I get it. I do, I do.

Curiosity got a hold of me and I found the lyrics online and pasted them into a free translating site:

"I, you, the two of us Already have a past, my love A double bass guarded That flower AND other mumunhas more
I, you, João Rotating in the jukebox without stop AND the dissonant world that the two of us are going to
invent we are going to invent we are going to invent we try

The happiness the happiness THE happiness the happiness I, you, afterwards Wednesday of ash in the country AND
the dissonant notes were integrated To The sound of the imbeciles Yes, you, the two of us Already we have a
past, my love THE bump, the grave, to ours big pain As two quadradões

Wolf, Wolf fool wolf, wolf fool I, you, João Rotating in the jukebox without stop AND I stayed impassioned of
remember THE time and the sound Oh! As it was good But arrives of nostalgia THE reality is that we Learn how
with João for the always IT to be put out of tune to be put out of tune to be put out of tune Be

Arrives of nostalgia Arrives of nostalgia Arrives of nostalgia Arrives of nostalgia."

Poesia. Yes.

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