Monday, June 23, 2008

Somebody get me out of here.

Shaking the lazy out of a Monday morning is never easy. A week of long hours in the sun isn't at all appealing. I have to paint huge gates this week and several exterior sconces. My father is in Mexico so I know my sister and I will be fielding many more phone calls than usual. As much as I love summer, it is one of the only times I wish I had an indoor job with air conditioning. But, I heart working with my hands. I heart working with my people. I heart dirty overalls and secret naps on the lawns of excess privilege. It could always be worse. I could be wearing pantyhose. And the heat wave that had the Southwest dressed up like Texas is finally over.

Love to La Bloga for linking to me and posting my poem "Musings with Stella."

Congratulations to my friend Linsey. Yesterday she left San Diego to travel and volunteer around the world for a year. I look forward to reading about her adventures and hope they kick-start some of my own.

This song gets me dancing anytime I hear it:

El Baile y El Salon
Cafe Tacuba

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Daniel Olivas said...

Have some nice, hot cafe and welcome Monday, mija! We're all pulling for you. Happy to have you back to the blogging world.