Tuesday, July 29, 2008

emotional landscapes


This song moves me, moves me, moves me. I don't know what it is, the lyrics, the strings, something something.

Much love to Vagabond Kitchen here in my delightful neighborhood of South Park. The Vag (my nickname for it) always gets me happy when I need to be lifted. I am a regular at the bar and have met great happiness there. One of those places that are emotional homes and soothing to overworked minds. I know the staff, the regulars and always have fantastic conversations there and good times all around. Oh my love for the freshly baked bread! Oh my tase buds doing joyful backflips over the kung-pao calamari. Oh the five dollar wine list and strange drink experiments of Dave the bartender! Love love love it. And I can walk there. 2 blocks from my hovel. Had to rave. Good things comes from going to the Vag.

Confession time. I am excited about the new Stephenie Meyer book, Breaking Dawn. Yes I read YA. Yes, I love vampires. I love love stories. So, I look forward to the last book in the Twilight series. I'm on Jacob's team, if that makes sense to any of you out there. Jacob reminds me of my beloved friend Osiris. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Osiris confessed to me that he too is a werewolf too; in fact, it would explain a lot of things. Can't wait for the book. I almost look forward to it more than I did the last Harry Potter. Almost.

I love to get lost in fantasy. If only it were good for me.

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strum the sky said...

Really do appreciate your music. It inspires... as do you.

Speaking of Stephanie Meyer & Twilight... Have you read Robin McKinley's "Sunshine"? Contemporary and vampires and takes place after we've been through the Zombie Wars... You liked Forests of the Heart, you'll like this, I promise.

Warm hugs on the birth of the new poem. Take care