Thursday, July 10, 2008

Family and other intricate things

Traveling with the family has been fascinating. More family arrived last night and our numbers near twenty. I am in an odd place, age wise. I am right in the middle of who I used to consider the adults and the kids. I don't belong to the kids anymore, most of them being teenagers with bikinis that make my jaw drop. But nor am I off the group wearing full-piece bathing suits with attached skirts to cover their hips and booties. Last night at dinner I sat at the "young" end of the table and was silent as everyone gushed about their prom, college roommates, boys etc. I cast my hearing to the "adult" end of the table and couldn't fit into the conversation about the difficulties of raising teenagers and nostalgic stories about each person met their spouse. I've always been the odd bird in the family and it is somewhat comforting to see my role hasn't changed.

My family is loud. I'm sitting at the beach this morning listening to their noise. (Along with the trance music from the bar. . .) There are few other guests at our hotel besides our clan. I think I would be annoyed by us were I alone. The air is rampant with calls to one another and jokes, admonitions about bug repellant, sunscreen. Yesterday my father came up to me and said "Man, everyone is trying to sell me janga." I think he meant ganja. My dad and uncles think it is great fun to shout "Yah mon!" to each other at every opportunity. All in all, it is entertaining. We are actually hilarious. My grandmother's hearing aide battery died and she has been shouting everything. I sit in my zen-ish mood and dig it.

Yesterday we walked along the beach into town. We ate jerk chicken from a street vendor and bought random things at a craft market. I'm not much of a shopper and instead like to watch the humans as they interact.

My mom just came up to me and asked me to help her fasten her "Rastafork" ankle bracelet. She thinks if she wears Jamaican colors she won't be bothered as much by vendors.

Today I will spend most of my day in the water. No shopping with the adults. No banana boat with the bikini kids. Me and the sea, a beer or three, and as much buoyancy as the day will permit.

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