Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm still a poet, so it would seem

I've Been Loving You
Otis Redding

Otis Redding. Wow. When I hear this man sing something in my soul bubbles up and thrills all over. Why do so many great artists die in plane crashes? If I were a musician I wouldn't ride in planes. The chances of going down seem to be too high.

Yesterday afternoon I had a slightly annoying experience and emailed my friend Beau to whine a bit. Just a quick email, I didn't even think about it really. About twenty minutes after I sent it, Beau returned my email to me, reformatted into a poem. I don't write poems like this usually, or at all, but I dig the results of the reformatted email. Thanks B! He named it

"Paper or Plastic."

I know I'm a painter
People who see me know I'm a painter
My clothes are covered in paint
my shoes too
my hands

But Holy Shitted Diaper of Baby Jesus
I wish people would tell me
when I have paint on my face

I went to Trader Joe's and Ralph's
no one mentioned that I had a Groucho Marx
smear of bronze on my upper lip
and another on my nose

I just saw it when I got home
wonder how long I've been walking around looking like this

Or maybe people just don't look at my face.


I'm working on a new chapbook as well. Getting poems together to see how they play against one another. Too many sad face poems, though. Have to balance that out.

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parami10 said...

that's f'in hilarious! good luck on the chapbook - i just sent one in to a competition - full of sad face poems too. i think pisces are just melancholics.