Monday, July 21, 2008

Satan's Star

I finally finished an essay I've been playing with for years. Or, I think I've finished it. I'll let it sit for a couple of days then decide decide if I hate it or not.

In my research for the piece, which has to do with my upbringing as a Jehovah's Witness, I discovered the term "Satan's Star." According to the J-Dub doctrines, the north star is Satan's Star. Or Lucifer's Star. See, this is where I agonize over language. "Lucifer's Star" is a beautiful term, four syllables, alliterations; it slides off the tongue seductively, a phrase you could breathe into someone's ear and give them chills. But "Satan's Star" carries punch. Alliteration too. Each word a mellow staccato of "s" and "t." Two words. But, these two words will drive me crazy. The poet in me wrangling words, seeing which combination will work best. Do I want strong or beautiful? Its not even a poem. An essay. Jeeez.

Busy week for a writer who is trying to write and instead decides to go out and be social. Jane Hirschfield is in town tonight, as well as Jack McCarthy. I have dinner with Steve Kowit tomorrow. And Wednesday is going to kill me. I have to decide whether to ditch the first day of Geoff Bouvier's new class at the Ink Spot or go to Orange Country to see Jeffrey McDaniel read at the Ugly Mug. I am very much digging Jeffrey's latest collection of poetry Endarkenment.

Happy Birthday Christian Hunziker! Liebe gruss!

Don't scream "Richie!" You wouldn't be original.

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Shawn said...

I was also raised as a JW (now happily an exJW ) and I've never heard of the North Star as being 'Lucifer's Star'. I'd love to see where that notion came from.