Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my spine says whoa, wow, how about that?

I have a new love. Chiropractique. What an experience. Love love love to Dr. Beau and his staff. Thanks to the other Beau for recommending Dr. Beau. I've gone twice so far and my back feels incredible. Much better than it has in a very long time. I feel taller and oddly enough, more creative. As if all that tension in my spine was cramping my style.

Last night I slept backwards in my bed, with my head where my feet normally are, so that I could see the full moon arc across the sky outside the window at the head of my bed. I recommend sleeping upside down. Something in the psyche twists and can't really figure out what is going on; my dreams were particularly vibrant.

Thank You
Led Zeppelin

I finished a Charles DeLint book last night, The Blue Girl. I always get lost in CDL books, always. I am always transported to another world. Echoes of that world sometimes follow me to this one. What a gift to be able to write like that. I met CDL last year and he was incredibly charming. I hope our paths cross again.

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