Thursday, October 9, 2008

sleepy like a fat bear about to hibernate

I am tired.

The reading last night in OC was great, despite the fact I had a raging bladder infection and was in so much pain I wanted to amputate my hips and everything inbetween. Beau drove me up to the reading, thank Baby Jesus. On the way home I was in o much pain I cried and was hunched over. But,

the poetry was great. I really dig these poems and how they are arranged. For any of you that bought a chapbook last night, if you are reading this blog, please email me. I realized last night that four poems are missing from the book. When I get the next batch printed I will send you the complete chapbook. Some of the poems you are missing are my favorites.

Thanks to Alonso from Xochico coming out to support. I dig his products very much and look forward to getting a churro make-up bag soon.

I am at a bit of saturation point with human contact again. I can feel a hibernation is coming. Don't know when. I look forward to the solitude and silence. For now I am cuddling up with my latest Christopher Paulini Dragon book, some cold water, a blankie and am going to burrow happily even if its just for one night.

That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
The Smiths

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