Saturday, October 25, 2008


Last night was the release party. It was beautiful! I had such a great crowd of friends, family and strangers. I had been stressing a little but I didn't even really have to do anything except show up, mingle and read my poems. I I was elated. We had just the right amount of food and booze, it was crowded enough so that people were mingling but not so crowded that it was uncomfortable.

Many thanks to Ayiiia (please vote for Ayiiia to get on the Real World, for some reason that's what she wants) and Hailey for selling my books for me. Thanks to my Mama for bringing rice. And heaps of thanks to best bud Beau for everything. Beau laid out & edited the book, designed the cover, took the photograph, made my flyers, kept me sane, bought booze, set everything up, cleaned up afterward and chauffeured my tired bones home. Thus his poem is the last poem in the book. Gratitude rivers wild.

I was happy to meet new people and reconnect with a few I hadn't seen in a while. My acupuncturist showed up. A man I met drunk at the Whistle Stop last week came. My all-time favorite couple, Jim and Nuvia Ruland came. My sister's friends came. Strangers came. My dear friend Scott Bunnycake came, oddly enough and to the delight of my sister, he and Beau were dressed the same. One of my nearest and dearest, Kat, came and brought an entourage. The lovely Veronica came and brought me a do-it-yourself empowerment altar. My heart is full of joy.

Anyway, thanks a bazillion to the wonderful folk who came out to support. I have poured my heart into this latest body of work and it means the world to me to see how many people support me. Writing is often vulnerability embodied and I am glad to feel safe in my work because of those who surround me. I'll post some pictures from the event soon.

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