Saturday, October 11, 2008

we travel without seatbelts on

This morning has a terrific bite in the air. It won't last but I put on a turtleneck to get that feeling of putting myself into the cocoon. This transition of summer into unsummer is one of my favorite times of year. I like to cook with the oven. I like thicker socks and boots.

Brooding & brooding a bit too. Nothing in particular, just trying on different ideas. Playing with different futures but none of them beckon. I'll have to, as usual, live my way into it.

When I was deep in the blue earlier this year I had specific ideas of what would make me feel better. Not so sure now. I've been surprised at my lack of desire for things I thought I would find extraordinary. I tire of the mundane. I have little joys. Avocados. Japanese eggplant. My balcony. Saffron rice. Books on tape. Few distractions. A different kind of peace.

Grace Cathedral Hill
The Decemberists
covered by Colin Meloy

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