Monday, November 3, 2008

the bumper sticker

I have an Obamanos bumper sticker on my car, as well as a regular Obama 2008 bumper sticker. I put the Obamanos on a couple of months ago. (For you non-Spanish speakers it is a play on Vamanos, which means let's go.) My reactions to the bumper sticker have been mixed, some people love it and others get completely irate. I've been flipped off several times as well as had people give me the thumbs-up sign.

Last Thursday I was driving on the freeway when I man in a large, souped up truck pulled up along beside me and started honking. I looked over and the driver flipped me off and was obviously cursing at me. I ignored him. Then the man swerved at my car as if he was going to hit it. The blood in my veins went cold and I slammed on my brakes waiting for the impact. He didn't hit me but sped off, still flipping me off in his rear view mirror. I was shaken and shaking. I respect the opinions of others but couldn't believe a stranger would resort to such an obvious display of violence and threaten me like that in broad daylight in front of hundreds of other drivers.

After retelling the story I was advised to take the Obamanos sticker off my car. I was lovingly told that my safety isn't worth it. My heart was a confused organ thinking this over. If I took the bumper sticker off then they would have won. They would have frightened me into complacency and into keeping my mouth (or bumper) quiet. That is exactly what the infamous "they" want. They don't want us to stand up for what we believe in. They want us frightened and meek, taking whatever is spoon-fed and predigested for us. No. I decided to keep the bumper sticker on and deal with the anger directed at me. I'm not giving in. Si se puede.

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Marcos said...

I am always surprised by the stupidity and aggression of the conservative factions. I'm glad I don't live in San Diego anymore.