Saturday, November 22, 2008

duende & thoughts

I'm taking a class on duende this morning. Wikipedia explains duende as having soul. It is so much more than that. I rarely tap into it but when I do I am completely taken out of myself. The everything of my everything plummets into something primal and beautiful, the beginning of emotion, raw, rare, a nest full of spiders in the heart. It invokes a frenzy. It reminds me of those dreams when I am flying and I can actually control my flight, soar over the sea. I am silly and emotional, huh? But I am a poet so I own it and am allowed to get away with it.

I got my haircut yesterday. My first "adult" haircut in ten years. I always get my hair trimmed but usually it is all one length and plain. Yesterday I went to get it cut and the hairdresser insisted he add shape and layers. I was too tired to argue and figured that if he really screwed up, my hair would grow back. He snipped and clipped and I got very nervous. I concentrated on my breathing and telling myself to let go of attachment to hair (vanity) and to roll with it. The hairdresser finished, blew it out ad I was pretty dang amazed. I have long layers now. My hair looks and feels very healthy and I am pleased. All that old hair carried old energy I needed to get rid of anyway. I feel lighter and more alive.

Be Your Husband
Jeff Buckley

This song makes me want to wear all black in a crowded room and make suggestive eye contact with strangers then disappear before they can find me. . .


Anonymous said...

So where is a photo of the new hairdo?

Lizz Huerta said...

I'll get on that. maybe.