Thursday, November 13, 2008

ex-cult swim team

I met a very cool woman today at the Rubber Rose. After much back and forth we discovered we are both ex-Jehovah's Witnesses and had a few good laughs over the strangeness of our old ways. Lots of same kinds of post J-Dub guilt and the occasional freak-out that the world is really going to end. I popped an idea about a collection of essays written by people who grew up in cults and strange religions. I don't think such a collection exists, but it should. Ex-polygamists are en vogue these days, they have stories all over the place. We kids who grew up in weirdness have such great stories and sometimes freaky ideas about religion and community. I dig us, when we are healthy, truly. My meeting an ex-truthy today makes me motivated to delve back into my J-Dub childhood essay with gusto.

Also, WOW! Today I received a phone call with the mega-great news that according to San Diego Citybeat, I am one of San Diego's BEST LOCAL AUTHORS ON THE VERGE! I had no idea I was even in the running. Thank you, San Diego!

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