Wednesday, November 5, 2008

good morning, new world

Yesterday I started watching the news around 3pm and was in front of the television until, actually, I'm not sure what time I passed out. I drank half a bottle of champagne plus many other adult beverages. Despite my hangover and how my body feels slightly deflated, I feel phenomenal. How beautiful was it to hear screams and yells of victory across the neighborhood? Yay for making history! Yay for m new president-elect!

This morning I'm hoping that the returns o Prop 8 are wrong. I hope the 3 millions ballots that have yet to be counted show us our state is tolerant and accepting of all people.

As happy as I was, I wish Michelle Obama didn't wear that distracting black widow spider dress. I know, not fair to bring fashion into an election but the dress was like a car accident I couldn't look away from. Speaking of fashion, I guess today is when Sarah Palin starts giving the clothes back.

Going back to bed. Sleepy poet, brain raw.

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