Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Good Writing Abounds. . .

. . .if Only I could get on that train and stay there. . .

Malcolm Gladwell's new book, Outliers, comes out to day. I pre-ordered it off of Audible. I love his other work. I wish he would come out with an essay collection already, comprised of all his great writing at the New Yorker.

I read an article last night, Love in the Time of Darwinism, by Kay S. Hymowitz. It was linked from Arts & Letters Daily. I'm a huge fan of evolutionary and behavioral psychology, even though a lot of what is written upsets me and makes me want to hole up and never interact with males of my species again. The author has another article linked to the story called Child-Man in the Promised Land. I really look forward to reading that one, Wendy as I have been to way too many Peter Pans.

My friend Kenji linked to this poem on Facebook. Kind of stunning and surprising. I love that, the unexpected inevitable, the transformative little things that happen in poems that take us out of time.

Thinking of taking a class on Duende this weekend. A little ass-kick to myself. I have an essay that bases it's heart on duende. I love that stuff.

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