Sunday, November 2, 2008

I heart Halloween

It was wonderful. Release. I had a pregnant belly and people kept touching it which annoyed me, even though it was fake. If ever I spawn I will slap people who try to touch my paunch uninvited. We went to the Vag, then the Whistle Stop then to a house party in North Park. I realized at the party that Halloween is an excuse for women to dress provocatively. Ooops, I was just dressed up as a virgin knocked up by God. Beau was a fantastic Joseph to my Mary. I did a great job on our costumes, if I say so myself. When we walked into the house party the first thing I noticed was a stripper pole with several scantily clad woman gyrating on it. One turned around and I was more than a little shocked to see that she was truly pregnant, only wearing panties, a bra and boots. She looked fantastic but I still was disturbed. I don't know how many pictures I ended up in. One woman said she wanted us to be her Christmas card.

Aaarg, the holidays are coming. I know this year's season will be better than last.

48 hours. I was almost run off the road by a zealot the other day but that is an entirely different blog post altogether. . . .

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