Monday, December 22, 2008

Blue Monday

No, I'm not blue, just tired. I read some this weekend, including Beau Sia's Night Without Armor II: The Revenge, an answer to singer Jewel's poetry collection with the same title. It was pretty damn funny. The author wrote it in four hours, according to his own legend. Impressive. There are a couple of really great lines and poems in the collection for being written in for hours. I read the entire thing before falling asleep Saturday night. A part of me gets a little scared at things like this, imagining that one day I may be parodied. But I have been, by my friends and I can laugh at myself. I don't take myself that seriously, most of the time.

Oh yeah! Bathhouse day with the beautifuls today! Steamy, glorious nudity and weird red clay sauna with Chinese herbs. Mean ladies slapping the crap out of women on vinyl covered massage tables! Scrubbing every dead skin cell away! Renew! Renew! I am ready to get out of this slack phase. Hot tub, cold tub, steam room, dry room. My body and mind cannot wait.

Blue Monday
New Order

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