Sunday, December 21, 2008

come hither, winter

My dreams have been extraordinary and I have been reluctant to stay awake. But the circadian rhythms dictate and I am awake far more than I would like to be. It is the season for hibernation and emotional recalcitrance, if that makes any sense to anyone but me. When awake my restlessness is something of a beast I can barely hold on to these days. I'm rearing and roaring inside, like that poor seven-headed beast the whore of babylon is supposed to be riding. When awake I am an unexploded bomb and mean. At least the poet in me is a bit more vivid these days.

I have plans this week of decadence and sweet relaxation. No holiday cheer or celebration, no trees or wrapping paper, no potential disappointments looming in the foreseeable future. Keeping myself in a comfortable box away from hearts and genitalia. Looking forward to: Saturnalia buffet, the Korean bath house with my beautifuls, LA with La Creep and Baby Des, the end of this year.

Polyester Bride
Liz Phair

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