Friday, December 19, 2008

Like a Leper Messiah

I'm in a bit of a rock star mood lately. Maybe it is my inner, latent rock star wanting to come out and destroy the metaphorical hotel rooms and such. Or not. I'm restless. Inside of myself I am pacing back and forth. Scary things are happening with the family business and I am not sure I will have a job next year. At least it isn't only us, across the board things are crap with the economy. If things fall apart I am seriously considering moving to Utah with the La Creep. Except I hate the cold. Pacing pacing.

I will be thankful when this year is over. It has been too much and not enough all at once. I came up with a term last night that I think is pretty funny, alcohol lubricated it was funny. If you are dumped over Skype you are Skumped. That was the beginning of my shit year and the rest of the year has mostly been like spitting into the wind. Yes, I had some golden moments but it turns out they were not really real. The chapbook and a couple of new, consistent friendships have made all the difference. I will be happy to say goodbye and good riddance to 2008. I doubt the calendar year really makes a difference but here's hoping.

Ziggy Stardust
David Bowie

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