Wednesday, December 3, 2008

where the stories come from

Venting my frustration over a very difficult customer, I was told my day could be a short story. I don't think of my daily dramas as dramatic or worthy of being put to paper. But they are, I suppose. I work in an interesting and non-traditional field and I deal with some characters. But I don't know if it is fair to those I work for, though some certainly deserve to be characterized and laughed at, or pondered. We will see. FYI, don't cry to your contractor to lower her price when you are having your life sized Jesus gold-leafed in front of her.

I've been so very tired lately. I fall into bed earlier and earlier each night. I yawn all day and can't wait until I get home, soak in the tub and dissolve into my glass and book. It is the season.

Keep Going West
Liz Pappademas

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