Tuesday, January 27, 2009

who is cranky?

I am! No particular reason. I am annoyed at myself for slipping up on many things, blogging, writing in general, things, things things. Vicious cycle must break. I'm in a cycle of waking up at night with mortality heavy on my mind. I'm not scared of aging, I look forward to turning 30 next month. But something in me is nagging. (Not a biological clock, this uterus is SO not into spawning.) But there is an unanswered question spinning just out of reach. Some lesson. Some old truth I may have forgotten. Meh. I tire easily and sleep too much. My cynicism is at an all-time high.

Last week I learned that I sleepwalk. I learned this interesting and fun fact by sleepwalking straight into my closed bedroom door and busting my nose. X-rays say the bone isn't broken but the doc says I most likely broke the cartilage. I can feel it moving around a bit when I rub the ugly purple bruise on my precious proboscis. Great. Fantastic.

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