Friday, February 6, 2009

Garbage & things

Last night I woke up at some late hour and listened to the rain pounding on my windows; in my half-dream state I believed it sounded better than trains. I said that to myself. It sounds better than trains.

The year has come to an odd start but there are worse things. I'm taking steps to dip back into the writing. I'm applying for several workshops/fellowships. I'm writing again in the mornings. I make my coffee and sit with a yellow legal pad and write a couple of pages of thoughts in brown ink while I sip and listen to folk in the alley rummaging through the garbage.

I too am rummaging through the garbage in a way, figuring out what, if anything, is salvageable. I'm eating lots of brussel sprouts these days and other green things. I've started going for long walks on the beach in the afternoons. Often I see dolphins and even though I feel silly getting giddy over something as natural as sea creatures in the sea, I get giddy anyway.

Listening to a lot of Elliott Smith these days. In the morning, driving and such. Last night I got a massage at Aqua Day Spa and was singing Elliott to myself the entire time I was on the plastic table getting exfoliated and kneaded.

Elliott Smith

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