Monday, March 30, 2009

come back sunshines!

Spring is kind of a tease, no? Friday was beautiful and I spent a big portion in the sun. Saturday was gorgeous and I spent the day inside, physically and metaphorically. Yesterday I woke up eager for more of that vitamin D, put on a sleeveless slip of a thing, sprayed on the spf and went outside to. . . clouds. Nay Spring, return! I am ready for the sunshine, the heat, the kind of clothing I like best, minimal, not restricting.

I am rereading a Barbara Kingsolver book Pigs in Heaven, one of her earlier works. I love reading Kingsolver from the beginning of her career to the latest works, including the poetry and non-fiction. She is such a great writer, but it also clear to se her evolution as a writer. She has matured and developed a voice that resonates. I get completely lost in her work. Sometimes I want to live in her books.

I'm going to go find the new Charles de Lint book today, The Mystery of Grace, and disappear into it. I know I'll love it, I love everything he writes.

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