Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In the Desert

I love the natural desert, I do. Something about how much lives despite the lack of water and insane swings of temperature. For living so close I really should come out here more often. As it is, I may have to come back later this week. But the drive out here was lovely, I dig the changing landscape, scrubland, desert, the climb over the mountain the back into scrubland, desert. What I don't like about the desert is how false living out here it I can't tell you how many golf courses there are out here and everyone has a front lawn. It bothers me (at home too) that no one seems to care that water is a precious resource that is being completely wasted for vanity.

The desert at night may be one of my favorite things in the world. I love the night air, the scents. I dreamt strange, strange dreams last night. The landscape got in to me. I woke up just before sunrise and had a nice hour of contemplation. I really do need to get out of my environment more. I want to come camping out here, maybe Joshua Tree, but none of my friends like camping.

Yesterday when I arrived I sat outside with my (dying) computer and started a long essay. I wrote about 3000 words before my computer crashed. No worries, I thought, I had saved it. When my computer came back to life, 1500 words were saved. Not the best ones either. I sat at a cafe last night and rewrote the essay but something about writing something twice is exhausting and sad. I loved the original essay and the energy I had behind it. I spent two hours putting my writing on Google Documents because I am tired of trusting machines, even my external hard drive.

I drive back today and start a memoir class with Tom Larson tonight at the Ink Spot. My friend Jim Ruland will be in the class with me so I am pretty excited. But, it will be a long, long day. Somebody is going to be a sleepy woman.

Sweetness Follows

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