Tuesday, March 10, 2009

love and some

I woke up joyous and sleepy. Good dreams. I have a lot on my plate this week but will handle it well. I had a long, slow day yesterday to rev my engines and mentally prepare.

I'm still reading Downtown Owl before I go to bed at night and keep laughing out loud, something I rarely do when reading.

I finished the last book in Alison Croggon's Pellinor Series, The Singing yesterday. I love young adult novels so much, especially fantasy. When I started my novel I intended it to be a YA novel but have realized I am flinging abut some heavy material that is not really for younger readers. I can barely handle it and I'm writing it.

Stevie Wonder

Also, I got this note from my friend Drew Andrews: My 1st novella, written, edited, and debated over many years is finally out!! Yes!!

You can download the book, FREE OF CHARGE, at feedbooks.com. If you have a Blackberry, an Iphone with Stanza, a Kindle, or most other E-Reader formats, you are set and ready to go....even if you just read a PDF from your computer, that's fine too!!

Visit drewandrews.org for more info - or Download Now at feedbooks.com under Original Books.

This is a dark, seedy, series of journal entries from a narrator known only as The Shepherd - the novella gets deeper and unfolds crazy more as the book goes on...I'm very happy with it all, check it out!!

Support this book by telling everyone you know in your entire life and social stratosphere - except for fundamentalist Christians, they will really hate this book and will come after me...

But I know that you love me!!! Read this!!

Support local writers!!

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