Saturday, March 21, 2009

spock and civil war beards

B & I went to see Grand Ole Party. I dig their music much and B is a big fan. They were debuting music from their forthcoming album. My morning after observations and thoughts:

--I am glad earplugs were invented.
--What is up with men and their Civil War beards?
--Some people can't help playing air guitar while a band plays. I am not one of those people.
--I was the tallest woman in the room. I was wearing heels. I like wearing heels.
--The music was good but the acoustics were pretty crappy.
--I will never go to the Soda Bar again lest I get a bladder infection from waiting in line for the ONE toilet. I like the place but if I can't pee I can't drink and what's the point?
--I noticed a new trend in female hipster haircuts last night. Think Spock from the old Star Trek. All I can say is really guys? really?!?

The Decemberists

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