Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sponsor Me!

Hey kids! On March 28 of this month I'll be participating in the San Diego Writers, Ink Write-A-Thon, Blazing Laptops. A bunch of writers pedge to write for nine hours and then we get people in the community, friends, businesses, etc to sponsor us to raise money for the wonderful non-profit that is San Diego Writers, Ink. I've been participating in events at SDWINK for about two years now and it is truly a kick-ass place. I've met great friends there, taken challenging classes and in general, had a good time. I currently serve on the board of directors.

I ask very nicely friends and strangers, if you can sponsor me! You don't have to give much, five bucks, ten bucks, anything little amount will help. Here is my pledge page. You will be supporting my writing and a great organization. Thank you in advance.

Also, happy birthday Aiiiya! May the Real World be less real than the real world and may you know the difference. We miss you and hope that the reality television insanity isn't going to your head. . . We look forward to having you back on Mama Evelyn's sofa, stealing the best seat, spoiling the animals and making us laugh. The Huerta house just isn't the same without you. Besos.

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