Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring Forward Some More!

I woke up at 10am dismayed at at my late bones until I realized that last night everyone sprang forward. I was scared I was getting lazy. I never sleep in.

Last night's show was a success. I always get scared nobody will show up but have grown to realize that shows never start on time and that people will trickle in all night long. This is one of the reasons I never like to perform first. I read loving and loving my enemy which is one of my favorite poems to read aloud. I love how it feels in my mouth. I also performed my telenovela piece and was very pleased with the response. I think it is harder to write humor than t is to write drama. I always get scared that the piece falls flat but I always get really good audience feedback from it. At the heart, it is a serious piece but I take it to the absurd, where the humor comes in.

I bought a bicycle off of my baby sister yesterday and look forward to getting out on it. I have inherited a helmet as well in a funny, sad kind of way. My other sister had a boyfriend for a couple of years who bought her a really nice bicycle and all the gear for her birthday . They broke up a few months ago and she left many things at his place, including her bicycle, helmet and other random things. They no longer communicate at all so I was enlisted to be the go-between to get her stuff back. He promised he would send her things. He did. He sent a box of her clothes, books and the bicycle helmet, but not the bicycle. It has become a bit a family joke. My sister has a helmet but no bike. She is prone to sometimes randomly shouting Who sends the helmet but not the bicycle?! Yesterday she gave me the helmet but asked that I pay for it. I told her no way, she didn't pay for it and I won't either. She said I did pay for it, I'm still paying for it. . Oh, yeah, I've been there. I get it and am totally going to write her a check.

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