Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the sweeter parts

Last night I had one of the happiest nights I've had in a long time. I stayed up late at the Whistle & home with two of my best friends in the history of my life, La Creep and B, drinking beer and laughing. We stayed up at my place drinking espresso bean beer and cracking up. La Creep and I deluged B with our tales of wildness from when lived in Mexico and with our insane level of energy in general. I really have to write more of those down. (Our ill-fated attempt at getting the women in town to stop hating on each other is one of the funniest and sad things ever, our intentions were good but it blew up in our face.) I love that La Creep just moved to L.A,. we haven't lived so close to each other since we lived in Mexico 2003-04.

La Creep's 2 year old son was with us yesterday afternoon before going to be with his dad for the night. I love him to pieces but after five hours of him think I may have my ovaries removed. There are cheerios everywhere.

I have an interesting peeve though I wonder if it stinks of moral superiority or is just common sense. I've been going to a lot of workshops and classes lately and most people bring water to class with them. Almost all of them drink out of disposable (but recyclable) plastic bottles. For some reason it drives me crazy. I have a water filter at home and refill a reusable plastic bottle every day. It is not much, I know but I figure I am not contributing to the energy it takes to bottle the water and then to recycle the used bottles. Get on it, people!

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