Wednesday, March 25, 2009

to the valley below

Yesterday after a roughish day I came home to candy in my mailbox. Not really candy but the latest issue of ZYZZYVA. How dorky am I that getting a lit mag in the mail automatically makes my day a good day? The new issue is pretty interesting, all about textimage, "instances in which text and image collide and collude on the page-- from the artist playing with that basic literary unit, the letter, to the writer sketching and doodling in his notebook." Pretty good timing as I have been in an ongoing inner dialogue about form, not just in literature but in film, life etc, blah blah. When I am working construction I sometimes scribble small poems on the iron with a marker before I paint it. Anyway, the issue is going to require another solid perusal or two as I was frayed yesterday. But from my first few looks I may have to get another copy of the issue since there are several pieces I already want to cut out and hang in my office on my wall of things to look at when the writing isn't coming.

One More Cup of Coffee
The White Stripes

Also, if you can, please please please consider sponsoring my writing for NINE hours this Saturday to raise money for San Diego Writers, Ink. Your donation will help keep a great organization running. Writing is a solitary act and isolating at times and SDWINK is one of those places we can go to to connect. I love this organization, it truly supports local writers and is a home. Support my home.

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