Sunday, March 29, 2009


I did it. I wrote for nine hours yesterday. Whoa. I exhausted myself but it was also invigorating. I did a lot of work on my novel and played with some other work too. Great energy, good crowd. Last night I went to bed early and slept eleven hours, something I never do. It was nice to be surrounded by other writers. Each hour we had a different exercise led by a different instructor. I led one exercise in letter writing since I am always writing letters I never send. Maybe one I'm dead there will be a collection of mine called The Unsent Letters . That would be funny and not so funny at the same time.

Cherish the Day

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Chris said...

I can't believe no one comments on your blog. I so enjoy reading it. I would love to see what you write on your JW childhood! Should be illuminating on many levels.