Thursday, April 23, 2009

baby you are just another parasite

the succubus explains

emasculation is such a pretty thing,

this proboscis stellar and suckling,

the glazing over of those under.

survival is no cruel thing, love, each

organism abuses another to thrive, it

is arrogant to believe you are above

being used as a host as you use &

use, your thing flinging seed at the

willing anemone, your hunger akin to mine.

it was arrogant to assume what was taken

was not used for some good, you were too

at home in your skin of man anyway.

you are lessened in such small ways, consider

the space a gift, fill yourself with better things

than weeping and regret. go into the world

renewed, offer yourself willingly, be loved.


For today's prompt, I want you to write a poem of regret. Get creative with this one, but there should be some form of regret either expressed or hinted at (even if ever so slightly). You do NOT have to use the word "regret" in the poem, though it's fine if you do.


Yeah, weird I know.  I must admit that this poem comes out of a long-running conversation and joke with my favorite anarchist.  Yesterday while walking on the beach we were discussing the life cycles of parasites. My favorite anarchist made a hypothesis about succubi being parasites seeking hosts; I bit down happily on the idea and decided to regurgitate it for today's poem.

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Cecil said...

An old friend of a few of my friends used the epigram "a good parasite never kills its host."

Viva Carl Zimmer!