Friday, April 3, 2009

bang bang bang

_the problem with specific types of silence_

sitting, if could be avoided, was those last
weeks when flesh slapping made more sense
than the issues contained within. we wrecked
things in our enthusiasm maybe thinking we could
bang out our dings with our bang bang bang.

but that was never an issue with us, was it? it
was between those panting moments our uglies
swam up into the complacency, all teeth & slop, more
wet spots than could be avoided in a universe
made of mattresses, down and doubt.

Today's prompt: Take the phrase "The problem with (blank)" and replace the "(blank)" with a word or phrase. Make this the title of your poem and then write a poem to fit with or juxtapose against that title

I really enjoyed today's PAD prompt. The poem was fun to write except I hate being told how to use a title. I had originally titled the poem happy endings but then I reread the prompt and decided to follow the rules. Lame. I watched Choke last night and think maybe the residue from the film worked itself into my poem. I can totally see it. I've veered off from the more serious poems I wrote the last couple of days.

I love writing sex poems, as anyone who has read my chapbook can tell you. Not that it is always about sex but about what isn't being said or what is taking place instead of what should be taking place.

Yesterday my friend Kenji Liu wrote a gorgeous poem for the prompt, check it out here. His language thrills me. we met in a poetry workshop at VONA a couple of years ago. A couple of pisces poets, fish of color swimming in a world of language.

Since the poem is about sex this song is just so yes:

Sheela Na Gig
P.J. Harvey

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