Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the beast is back

I am as restless as a flea at night. My heart is back to its stupid acrobatics without reason. 2am, thump thump thump. 4am tossing, tossing, tossing. What does one tell oneself in the middle of the night then the panic attacks are coming without reason? I count backwards. I count my breath. I say mantras. I have long conversations with myself. Nothing, man, nothing. My neurons fire randomly and I can't sleep.

I am uninspired this morning, and don't really care for the poem a day prompt. I'll write my poem later when my grouchiness is less pronounced. Most likely after a nap.

Lover, You Should Have Come Over
Jeff Buckley


Cecil said...

According to Louisa May Alcott you should only nap between 9 am to 5 pm. The rest of the time, you should be stoned on fine domestic drugs. Or asleep.

Lizz Huerta said...

Now you're quoting Louisa May quoting me? Domestic drugs, I am entertained!