Tuesday, April 28, 2009

disappear some

we could have been a sestina

if only your words were scattered

in a better refrain instead of

strung together, your 


could have been lovely attached to

crazy about you, your 


would have been better had you 

followed it with its taken so long, the


hooked with an adore you, your 


laced to anyone can compare,


could have been anything, awe

would have summed it up nicely,


(the word in that context was

a stone hurled at my lips)


could have been sandwiched a 

sappy valentine between you, me,


I wanted to be all of

the above, I wanted to

be a better poem then this.


But wait! Today is Tuesday, so you have one other option. You can write a poem about the sestina (your love, hate, frustration with, etc.).


Play with abstraction, it feels good.

We Let Her Down

Chris Isaac

Also, I want to feel like Chris Isaac's voice.

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