Friday, April 24, 2009

hello world

No dancing this morning.  Blogger is annoying me with all the font  selections and size and such.

The poem of the day is to be about travel.  I know the poem  I want to write but will not allow myself to write it. B and I were talking last night about my writing.  He mentioned how surprising it is to see me writing so much poetry since in the last year or so he has only ever known me to write one poem, and it was for him.  I put a moratorium on my own poetry for a while there.  I refused to write.  I didn't want to and when I did want to, the things I wanted to write about were things I refused to write about.  Not the best cycle. But I'm back and more or less happy to be producing work again.  I love the poem I wrote yesterday, the language is all up in my head.  

LA Times Festival of Books this weekend, going to try to make it on Sunday.  Jeffrey McDaniel will be reading in town next week, I'l post more information as soon as I get it.

Each Coming Night
Iron & Wine

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