Thursday, April 23, 2009

like a sweet Magnolia tree

I woke up really happy with Stevie Wonder in my head, despite some really bad dreams right before I woke up.  I was happy to wake up and realize my dreams we not true. Yech, even in my last dream I was telling myself this ain't right, what the hell are you doing here, Lizz? Are you a glutton for punishment?  Clearly and thankfully not.  *sigh* 

Stevie Wonder songs are completely uplifting.  The morning is gray and cool.  I am in my black bathrobe intermittently writing and dancing around. 

The poem of day is to be about regret.  My  first thought goes to the New Order song but no, that won't do. I'll figure it out.  But for now, dance party with Stevie Wonder!

I was made to love her
Stevie Wonder

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Cecil said...

I woke up with that fucking Chicago song in my head. Thanks.