Saturday, April 4, 2009

no denying I got a thing going on

the fish who swallowed Jonah

maybe you were tired of being empty
and he was pretty, no? how he raged against his
lot of prophet wanting only to be ordinary.

those nights you rumbled with his cries were
something, no? fishes gathered at your belly
mouths gaping in imitation of his prayers.

there are things you’ll never know, no?
why some were chosen to walk out of the sea while
you became food, stayed limbless as a tongue.

then he who first denied you breath & womb
commanding you give up the game. horrifying, no?
to come to motherhood this way, to lose a son.


today’s prompt: I want you to pick an animal; make that animal the title of your poem; then, write a poem.

So, there is no shaking out the fact that I was a pastor's kid and all that mythology is amuck within me. I already have a Jonah poem but I've had a thing for the whale-fish and now I got to do something with it. I would like to get over my holy fetish but that is just not going to be the case. I started a poem about giraffes, my favorite beast on earth. I had a great line going: I wear your colors in honor of your twenty-seven pound heart. . . but could get no more. So, a fish from the holy book. Yeesh, maybe people are going to think I'm some sort of holy roller. Nay darlings, I am a sinner. Well, not lately but whatever.

I indulged last night with the fabulous La Creep at the Vag. We had a bottle of wine and a sweet woman at the bar was very concerned about who was going to drive us home. We walked. Or, I walked La Creep back to my place and went out alone to meet some couchsurfers at another neighborhood haunt. I met a discus thrower and had nothing to say to him about discus. "Oh, discus!" then silence. I had a jolly time but bet I'll have a hangover grenade and be foggy this afternoon.

What You Gonna Do?
Nina Simone

Who do I have to become to pull off an outfit like that? Somebody tell me please!

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