Friday, April 17, 2009

one half to one every night

all I want is to stop wanting

evolution, I am above these buses you throw
me under. I ask, reptile brain, that you end these

irrational impulses to chase worthless options,
namely stud, loner, the tasty aloof and emotional

inhabitants of never-never land I can’t
seem to stop digging my teeth into. despite

what my hips broadcast I am not the kind
of woman who wants to be filled with kicking

feet or ever have to deal with teething or any
other bones fighting their way out of flesh.

enough then with the hunters grunting around,
enough with my dumb tongue hanging, I’m no

bitch in heat scaling high fences, let me live loosed
or let me begin believing in safer things than you.

For today's prompt, I want you to write a poem with the following title: "All I want is (blank)," where you fill in the blank with a word or phrase of your choosing


Leaving this afternoon to the desert to go camping. Excellent. I have way too much to do in the hours between now and then but poetry is a priority. My selfish little lizard brain saw that there is wi-fi in the desert, therefore there may still be poesia tomorrow.

This song is one of those that just kill me in such a good way. It sort of fits with today's theme. I had a silly idea to write a poem about sequels but I was dorky enough yesterday with my poem to the Jolly Green Giant. I am really enjoying writing these poems every day. It makes my days happier, I feel like I have accomplished something. I should do this more often. I am still fighting my irrational impulse to write a poem about a certain wookiee I have been loving my entire life.

Talk Show Host

Love and thoughts to my cousin Michael the Lion who is in the hospital with (or without, now) an exploded appendix. One day I will tell the story of why he is called Michael the Lion. One of my favorite family stories.

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