Thursday, April 2, 2009

poesia from poesia

John, Convicted

you are still in prison not
writing any revelations, no

seven faces of stars or God.
it is enough without any multi-

headed beast ridden by a whore
from a biblical city-state taunting

and drinking the blood of martyrs.
a hoot it is, the disenfranchised

in your pedaled holy books don’t seem
so different from the Exodus of men locked

cold up and down the rows.
your sister writes, tells you her kid

has started putting her fist in the air
over the inhumane ways animals are

used for food and entertainment,
the girl who was a baby then now

ties herself to buildings, writes letters
about injustice and extinction to suits.

you think it must be something in the blood--
this familiar trend of locking oneself to buildings,

a genetic call to save the creatures without
voices, letters about cruelty lost

in this new world order of what makes
one thing more human than another.

todays PAD prompt: write an outsider poem. You can be the outsider; someone else can be the outsider; or it can even be an animal or inanimate object that's the outsider. As usual, get creative with the prompt and don't be afraid to stretch the limits.


This whole poem a day thing may turn out to be really good for me. I woke up five minutes before the alarm and came to the computer wondering what today's prompt would be. I sat with my coffee and mulled it over. I often go to books to see what will trigger something that is waiting to be written. On my dining room table I have a copy of Literary Interpretations of Biblical Narrative, an old book I picked up for a quarter at a flea market (and btw, only one copy is available online and it $70). I flipped open right to the chapter about Revelations and remembered that it was written from prison. My idea sprung forth from that and out came the poem. I've tried not to whittle too much of the original energy away. I had no idea what the poem was going to be about when I started it. I love organic things.

Yesterday after writing the poem, I was energized and excited. I can't believe how many posts there are on the PAD site. A couple of my friends are participating too, check out Kenji Liu's blog, I love his work. I don't have links to my other friends since they are posting their poems on Facebook. We're going to encourage one another.

So Long, Marianne
Leonard Cohen

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Linsey said...


Great tip on inspiration and heading toward the books. Organic is good and won't leave you with salmonella. Glad to hear one of us is waking up early to write.