Sunday, April 19, 2009

well then


I heard you

grew a pair,

six years

after the

ragged end

of us.

I wish 

I cared

enough to

rile up,

rage that

it took

you this 

long to

and that

you didn’t

when it

could have

done us

some good.

but I’m

tired and

I’ve wasted

enough life

putting words

together to

piss you

off the

way you

did me.


Perhaps appropriately, today's prompt is to write an angry poem. That is, a poem about someone or something that gets angry. Could be a person, animal, or even them there angry clouds. As usual, I'm excited to see which unexpected directions y'all take with this prompt.


Just back from the  desert and am really tired.  I had a blast and a half with my friend Andy.  We camped, explored caves, sat in the sun and read, and had some off road adventures.  I'd post pictures but both of our cameras died out there.  I'd like to give a shout out to the HUGE white scorpion that was under the tent this morning.  Thank you for making me look like a wuss when you showed up.  That scream I let out let everyone around us know that I am not at all as rugged as I seem. Yeah, I let you live but only because I was on your turf.  You show up around here and it will be game over.

Desert Sunrise

Brett Dennen

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