Saturday, May 16, 2009

actions and distractions

The weekend looms emptier than I assumed it would. I went to bed somewhat early and had my usual middle of the night arguments with ghosts.  Regardless, I woke up with the sun and have been contemplative and enjoying the silence.  

Yesterday I was saving the poems from April and was surprised to see how I have forgotten most of them.  A few lines bubble up but in general they are out of my head. I'm very tempted to open them and see how they affect me but it is still too soon.  Instead I'll finish a couple of loose ended essays that have lurking around, waiting patiently to come into their own.  But aren't we all?

After the morning writing I will go buy new plants for my balcony.  One of my ivies has a disease and I just can't revive it. My sage is healthy and needs to be transfered to a bigger pot. My African Fire Sticks are phenomenal.  My jasmine sad.  The biggest shock is that I didn't kill my orchids.  They survived the winter.  A few nights I had to cover them but they are thriving.  Yay for worm castings!

Tom Waits went to my high school.  He also waited tables at my favorite pizza place in National City, Napleones. It is a Tom Waits kind of morning, gray but deliciously so. My solitude is practically sweeping me off my feet, I am so in love with my aloneness today.

I Want You
Tom Waits

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