Wednesday, May 13, 2009

and at the heart of an onion?

Days have been busy and not busy all at once. Las Vegas with the family was lovely, exhausting but lovely.  I had one of those sublime moments that brought tears to my eyes.  I'm writing about it and hope to publish it.  Famous last words but I really do think this piece has potential.

I'm very much in love with Best Contemporary Mexican Fiction.  I picked it up in L.A. a few weeks ago and have finally dipped into it.  This one will take a while. It needs to be savored and held. The writing is mesmerizing.  The work appears untranslated and translated so that I can read both.  I prefer the writing in Spanish, the language is more nuanced and haunting. It makes me want to revisit the short story form.  I know that good writers can make anything look easy but I really did enjoy writing short stories. I have a few of them saved around here somewhere.  

Something feels like it is about to happen.  It is buzzing around behind my head and has been for a few days.  Maybe I just have expectations or desire something to happen.  I don't know.  I often get this sensation of being on the verge of something often it comes into fruition and sometimes it doesn't.

Lady Sings the Blues
Billy Holiday

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