Friday, May 1, 2009

flip this egg over honey, before it burns

National Poetry Month is over and I am relieved.  Commiting to write a poem a day for thirty days was waaaay more draining than I thought.  I almost gave up a few times but the always impressive B made sure I didn't slack.  Out of the thirty poems I ended up with over 40 drafts and out of those I think maybe 10 have potential to go somewhere.  Regardless, the exercise was good for my brain. I have a couple of favorites but I'm not going to go back and look at them for a month or two so that I can approach them with fresh eyes and do the editing I have to do.

I received my acceptances for VONA.  I was accepted to both weeks but can probably only afford one week. Decisions.  The emails are flying between the Pan Dulce writers trying to figure out which week we should go to or if we should go to both.  I miss the Pan Dulce writers with all of my heart.  We met years ago at VONA and dubbed ourselves Pan Dulce after an un-sober conversation about Breadloaf. I laugh so hard with them that my stomach muscles hurt for days after we leave each other.  I think I may take the Ana Castillo Residency since I have already taken a workshop with her.  I'll be able to spend a week working with her one on one.  I'll probably concentrate on my novel.  *sigh* Oh novel, you are my insomnia, aren't you?

The Jeffrey McDaniel reading last night at SDSU was great.  I think I was the only person who showed up who wasn't a student.  I met some very cool people and we went out to dinner afterwards.  I realized I should know more writers and spend time with more writers.  I love being alone but have isolated myself a little too much the last year or so.  

The weekend promises to be exhausting.  La Creep and Baby D arrive this afternoon.  Drinks with La Creep tonight, maybe meet some Couchsurfers afterwards for more drinks.  My phenomenal and brilliant Chiropractor Dr. Beau is having his anniversary party tomorrow night and I may go to that (love and congratulations to Dr. Beau on his engagement!  He was so happy over it he made me cry.) Sunday is the Healing Arts Festival in Balboa Park, Ozomatli is playing.  I am one busy woman.

Happy International Workers Day!

Sam Cooke
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