Tuesday, May 19, 2009

neutron star crust, lost sugar alien

My blue sugar alien is missing this morning and I am not happy about it.  The sugar alien was  gift and the best sugar holder ever.  This morning around 5am there were strange noises on my roof,  so strange that I got out of bed, put on my bathrobe and went outside to the alley to see who the hell was on the roof. Whoever they were, they got away, with my sugar alien apparently. Bring him back! Morning coffee isn't the same without the blue smiling face of my designer Italian sugar alien next to me!

I found a new favorite term yesterday while browsing the science section of the news.  Neutron star crust. Allegedly it is supposed to b stronger than steel but who cares? The four syllables that make up the three words rock my psychic universe.  Gamma rays are somehow involved as well so I was a giddy thing as gamma ray is another favorite term of mine. Say it aloud, you'll fall in love with it in your mouth as well.

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot
The Flaming Lips

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