Tuesday, May 5, 2009

not a holiday, kids

Okay, it's a holiday, kind of, but not independence day for Mexico, that would be September 16.  Cinco de Mayo was the battle of Puebla.    The Mexican Army defeated the French army on this day  in 1862.  Somehow Cinco has become a crazy weird holiday where people get really drunk.  I have personally never celebrated it. 

I have not written in a journal since November.  I have journaled consistently for years and now the chronology ends in November.  Not that anything very interesting has happened the last seven months but I'm kind of bummed at myself for not writing down the details and observations of my life. I've been a mostly consistent blogger but all the good stuff that would be only in my journals is now lost.  Time to start over.

I am feeling Summer.  Feels really good.  I'm wearing dresses again and get to be feminine.  I love it.  I love love love summer.  

Nuestra Demandas
The Chula Vista Social Club
otherwise known as B-Side Players


Cecil said...

Drinking is out. The new holiday tradition is to sit on the patio, look out at the canyon, suck down a bag of quality purple dream vapor and dream about the defeat of all governments and armies.

Lizz Huerta said...

I should have amended my entry to read that all the good stuff that doesn't make it in the journals I'm not writing in, Cecil gets to hear. Drinking is not out, I can't do this alone.