Thursday, May 14, 2009

over your shoulder

Last night B and I went to a very fancy cocktail party in a fancy part of town.  Among the many observations I made I noticed that I was the only woman drinking a beer, out of the bottle no less. I was not aware of the unspoken feminine rule to drink fruity drinks with straws or white wine.  No, I was the woman in the itty-bitty cocktail dress swigging IPA. Being at the very fancy party gave me plenty of time to realize that I am not at all the fancy party type of woman.  What a scene. I'm thankful and grateful that the people in my life don't look over my shoulder while they talk to me to see if someone better has walked into the room, or candle-laden veranda, or whatever.

The days are filling and also passing quickly.  I've had little time to myself lately but that is going to change soon.  Serious book reading forthcoming, as well as solitude.  After this weekend. Reading in Spanish does something to my mind that makes me want to write.  That is a very good thing.

I want to talk about you
John Coltrane

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