Thursday, May 21, 2009

pop the culture

I am not a huge fan of pop culture but I really did want Adam Lambert to win on American Idol last night.  I got into watching the competition because he is the son of a local writer and neighbor of mine, Eber.  Son of a friend or not, Adam is amazing vocalist and I am pretty disappointed that he didn't win.  He sang with Kiss and Queen.  Holy crap. I let myself dork out and yelled at the television and indulged a less-serious side of myself for a couple of hours. Now back to vulgar, more serious self. 

My wrist is still injured and has had me in a crappy mood.

I am in lust.  With a baguette from Vo's. I don't even like sandwiches, eating them annoys me, too many factors to deal with: bread, filling, the holding it all together. . . But there are exceptions to this rule and Vo's baguette is the winner.  I wasn't even hungry but I had to keep eating it lest the deliciousness never happen to me again.


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Anonymous said...

I also watched the finale of American Idol by way of Maria convincing me (really I just think she wanted to display her ability to play back the new DVR). By first impression I thought Adam killed his performances with KISS and Queen. Regardless the kid will make it big after all of this exposure, he is quite the talent.