Wednesday, May 20, 2009

prescience & old monsters

The sugar alien is back.  Yesterday after posting that he was missing I got a text message letting me know the sugar alien was in my spice cabinet.  Thanks dearest blog reader who puts things where they don't belong. Don't let it happen again.

I'm having a little trauma that is very adolescent.  Nine pimples.  Not little blemishes but big, red zits that appear before things like prom, picture day and other important events.  Maybe there is a very big important event coming up that I am not aware of, so my face has gone all 90's on me in preparation. That or my hormones went buck wild after watching that Ricki Lake documentary on natural childbirth. . .

I'm fighting malaise tooth and nail these days by bike riding, cooking, reading.  It may be the gray in the weather or time of year.  It may be that I haven't traveled since last July. It may be a great many things but I'm not letting it take root.  I have too much going on.  Or, maybe new poetry is circling in me, stirring things up, a shark in a shallow bed. Or the hormones rupturing my face have something to do with it.

I discovered Madeleine Peyroux through an internet radio station and dig her voice very much. 

I'll Look Around
Madeleine Peyroux

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