Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my very straight spine and drugs

I went in for x-rays yesterday. The x-ray showed my spinal chord, in my neck, is perfectly straight.  I was impressed until I learned it was supposed to have a curve to it. I was advised to lose some weight, namely, weight I carry in front.  We will see.  Insurance has denied me before for this particular surgery.  The doc gave me muscle relaxers to ease the tension  in my shoulders.  I tried one last night and don't think I have had such a great night's sleep in a long time.  My dreams were great.  I woke up before the alarm, wide-awake, refreshed and happy.  What a new feeling in the morning! Now to achieve that naturally. . .

Getting back to journaling is my goal for this month.  I haven't documented my life enough the last 7 months. And, generally, my poems come out of my journals.

Also, he has grown on me and I think Pau Gasol is dreamy.

Just Another
Pete Yorn

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Cecil said...

Hopefully Pau has also grown some Dwight Howard-sized muscles.